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Lemon Car Guide

Many people try to save money by buying a used car, rather than a brand new one. However, buying a used car has several risks, including the possibility that you will get a "lemon car." A lemon car refers to a car that has something major wrong with it, or a car that continues to have problems that just cannot be fixed. Getting some facts from a lemon car guide can help you avoid making a costly and frustrating mistake. Some makes and models are known as more likely to be lemons than others, but the term generally refers to an individual car that turns out to be a very bad deal.

Most lemon car guides will start by outlining the most common car problems that are found in lemon cars. These types of car troubles include engine problems (such as unusual noises in the engine), mysterious leaks from the radiator or oil pan, missing parts from the interior, exhaust or muffler problems, bad or unexplainable odors, electrical shorts (things like the passenger window only opening every third time you try), previous damage from an accident, or poorly repaired rust. All of these car problems are difficult to fix, and careful review of the car according to a good checklist from a lemon car guide can help.